What about the Holy Spirit?

Pentecost Sunday was on June 5, 2022. The Holy Spirit is significantly focused on during this day’s services, but not so much in other times of the year.

We focus on God the Father and God the Son throughout the entire year. Homilies (or sermons), readings, and music found in services are focused entirely on Them. This is wonderful. I’m not saying this is wrong. It is good.

The problem is, I rarely hear anyone talk about the Holy Spirit as a distinct member of the Holy Trinity, as God Himself. He seems to be considered more as energy or an indistinct something sent from the Father and the Son. This is not how we should treat Him. If we are devoted to the Father and the Son, should not we also pray to the Holy Spirit?

I would like you to think about the Holy Spirit as a distinct member of the Holy Trinity, not energy. Certainly do not call Him it or consider Him only as that feeling you get at Church if you want to get to know Him personally.

He wants to descend upon you today like He did to the apostles thousands of years ago. Let Him do that.

If you are not a Christian, maybe ask Him about Christianity and see what happens.


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I now sport a finely combed mustache to celebrate the release of my new newsletter, Catholic Cat Investigates. …Still not a loaf of bread. Got Spirit?


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