The Chance of Your Existence

How likely is it that you would be here by chance?

Think about the thousands of people in your family line. You are here because each person in your family line had the next person before they died.

What are the chances that you, the exact you, with the exact appearance, exact personality, and exact likes and dislikes, would be here? Had even one person in your family line died before they had the next, you would not be here.

This is precisely why abortion is not just the killing of one child, but millions.

If one child is aborted, that is aborting the millions of other children that would had come after them.

Consider how you are here, how God has provided for your existence. Gaze at Him in love and thank Him for allowing you to be here. Then let Him speak.

Listen to what He has to say.


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I now sport a finely combed mustache to celebrate the release of my new newsletter, Catholic Cat Investigates. …Still not a loaf of bread. Got Spirit?


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