A Catholic Cat Has Returned!

G’day, Homo Sapiens, cats, and fellow animals! After more than a month with no activity, I and my fellow cats have returned.

My long hiatus from working on A Catholic Cat was due to first school, then a concussion. School started and I didn’t have as much time to work on A Catholic Cat. Then I got a concussion during September.

As I got better, the computer became a zone I could visit for longer… and longer…. and longer until it became another part of my feline domain. Yes!

A triumphant picture of me having overcome my concussion.

Expect more content about Catholicism, some fun stuff, and reflections on Scripture. I will be working much more on my YouTube channel’s animated content as I improve in how long I can use the computer. Thank you for stopping by and God bless you.


This article was written by…

I now sport a finely combed mustache to celebrate the release of my new newsletter, Catholic Cat Investigates. …Still not a loaf of bread. Got Spirit?


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