Appreciate the Little Things!

It can be difficult to appreciate the little things in life. What do I mean by that? What I mean about that are the small blessings, the things we often forget, especially if you are a reader who lives in a country like the United States or Britain. Christians believe that seemingly mundane gifts, not only great miracles, are also gifts from God.

A warm smile, a well-timed hug.

A call from a family member you haven’t heard from in a long time.

A board game played with someone you know well.

The knowledge that you have made someone’s day.

The love of our God colors the world in a new light. A snow-capped mountain can become a beacon of God’s grace. A swirling sea can become a messenger of the love of God in times of grief and sorrow.

Try counting each blessing, each good thing about life, that you can think of. Start a stopwatch and see how long it takes for you to exhaust your list. Thank God for all that He has given you and see if He wants to talk to you.


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I now sport a finely combed mustache to celebrate the release of my new newsletter, Catholic Cat Investigates. …Still not a loaf of bread. Got Spirit?


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