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G’day! I’m Cat Lanfear, the cat behind A Catholic Cat.

Join me and my friends on our journey to learn more about Catholicism! Meow, meow!

Recent Articles

  • A Catholic Cat Has Returned!

    A Catholic Cat Has Returned!

    I have returned after more than a month of inactivity! Read this article for more info about why I was inactive and what content to expect in the future.

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  • Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know He’s Real

    You are in the midst of a spiritual war. Will you recognize that there is an enemy or ignore that the demons are fighting for your soul?

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  • Short: The Cats Discover They Are Cartoons! (almost)

    Short: The Cats Discover They Are Cartoons! (almost)

    Cat has gone crazy. He thinks that everything around him is an animation! Will Harry be able to knock some sense into him before it’s too late?

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Our Mission

Our mission is to explore Catholicism through the means of animation, articles, and digital content. But here’s the twist. I’m a cat!

The above video is a good introduction to what A Catholic Cat is. It’s fully animated. If you watch it until the end, I will give you catnip. Oh, I forgot… humans don’t like catnip…

Cat the Detective suspects that you have reached the end!

It seems that you are at the end of this page. Before you go, would one of our articles catch your interest?

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