In His Image

Humans are made in God’s image.

You hear that occasionally in Church services, but what is the significance of it? Have you ever considered why God made us resemble Him?

Since I am a Talking Cat, I have fur, a tail, paws, and erect ears. I am not in the image of our Creator. Nor are angels, dogs, hamsters, or any creature you can think of other than a human.

But out of the millions of creatures that God created, you, a human, look like Him.

Why did God do this?

He did it because He loves you personally.

This resonates in my heart as an act of deep love, a love that is more than the normal definition of love. It is an act of sacrifice and mercy, a manifestation of the love God had for us before the world began.

What about those hands that you have, effective tools for grasping, writing, and producing music? He didn’t have to give you those. But out of His love, He considered carefully how to make the lives of His creatures even better.

The prayer of humans is beyond my understanding. Why so?

When you speak to God, you aren’t only conversing with Him.

You look like Him.

Don’t ever give up the image of God for the image of an animal.


This article was written by…

I now sport a finely combed mustache to celebrate the release of my new newsletter, Catholic Cat Investigates. …Still not a loaf of bread. Got Spirit?


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